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craving beauty without the harmful side effects


Spray paint, Custom Stencilling & Variety of Custom Made Artwork

At Crave we have created a spa with your health and well-being in mind by using natural products and providing an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Crave advocates only using the finest ingredients and products to ensure your safety, and eliminating the harmful chemicals that are so widely prevalent in other spas. Through Crave’s techniques we are developing an entirely new concept for the nail spa industry.







About Us

We began our research into the effects of many harmful chemicals used in most salons and spas. What we discovered was alarming and shockingly common. So we set out to create a new kind of beauty environment, one that would not only offer aesthetic excellence, but foster health as well! We wanted to create an inviting, at home atmosphere, comfortable for the whole family while also hygienically safe & free from fumes. We fashioned it to appeal to both men & women, while still welcoming "cuties" as well. Wee fancied comfy and roomy chairs that would accommodate mom and baby.

These would replace stiff salon seats common in most spas. Custom individual pedicure tubs would replace whirlpool baths, notorious for breeding bacteria & harboring dead skin. All mani/pedi implements were planned to be disposable except for those able to enter into medical grade sanitation system. Finally a spa was envisioned that would satisfy a love for beauty & a need for health!


And what do you think of when you hear the word CRAVE? A craving exhibits what a person wants & also what they may need. What better word to sum up our vision to satisfy everyone’s desire to be pampered in the most beneficial way possible! And so, Crave was launched–A new approach to beauty  that continues to offer exceptional aesthetic results with an unwavering loyalty to heath & wellness.


Today, and 8 years later we continue to educate our clients on nail safety and trends while pampering and polishing to perfection.  We are grateful to our loyal clients who recognize the difference and look forward to welcoming our new guests.


Crave’s Promise


  • We do not believe you or your manicurists health should be compromised. 

  • At Crave we only use polishes that are at least 3-FREE (void of Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate and Formaldehyde Resin.

  • Our custom formulated scrubs, lotions and soaks are vegan and gluten friendly, and never contain petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates or any harmful chemicals.

  • We use LED lights to cure gel polishes versus the skin-aging UV lights.

  • We do NOT offer nail damaging acrylics or hard gel that contains resin and toxics fumes during the application.

  • We provide an unplumbed pedicure experience.  A bacteria ridden whirlpool bath is disgusting and downright dangerous.  Spas are not regulated properly and most foot baths are never cleaned daily or even weekly.  We provide a stainless steel bowl and relaxing, germ-free soak.


Find Us

708 S. Howard Avenue

Tampa, FL 33606


 Tel: 813-252-6567

* Parking is located next to Ava's in garage 


7 Days a Week

Monday- Sunday

10:00 am - 6:00 pm 

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© 2010 Crave SOHO.  Proudly created by Bella Vida, LLC

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