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Joezette Hite was born & raised in the South. Born in Texas, but raised in Florida, Joezette attended Florida State University and made her way back down to Tampa Bay, where she began her career working for a pharmaceutical company. Soon she was married to Mr. Wonderful, and a year later was expecting her first little one. While pregnant Joezette frequented nail salons craving a relaxing & soothing mani/pedi experience. However, she noticed that every salon visit would end in a searing headache. Lead by a natural curiosity, a mother’s concern, and a love for fresh polish, Joezette began her research into the effects of many harmful chemicals used in most salons and spas. What she discovered was alarming and shockingly common. So she set out to create a new kind of beauty environment, one that would not only offer aesthetic excellence, but foster health as well! Joezette wanted to create an inviting, at home atmosphere, comfortable for the whole family while also hygienically safe & free from fumes. She fashioned it to appeal to both men & women, while still welcoming "cuties" as well. As a new mother, Joezette fancied deep armchairs, convenient for nursing mothers with children in tow. These would replace stiff salon seats common in most spas. Custom individual pedicure tubs would replace whirlpool baths, notorious for breeding bacteria & harboring dead skin. All mani/pedi implements were planned to be disposable except for those able to enter into medical grade sanitation system. Finally a spa was envisioned that would satisfy a love for beauty & a need for health! While at lunch with Mr. Wonderful, Joezette considered her pregnancy, all her crazy cravings, and the beautiful, healthy result they produced! Mr. Wonderful had suggested a one-word name for the new improved beauty spa and at once Joezette let out, “Crave!” A craving exhibits what a person wants & also what they may need. What better word to sum up her vision to satisfy everyone’s desire to be pampered in the most beneficial way possible! And so, Crave was launched–A new approach to beauty that continues to offer exceptional aesthetic results with an unwavering loyalty to heath & wellness.

A spa was envisioned that would satisfy

a love for beauty & a need for health.

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